The best thing about this diet is that in the period of these 3 days you will not feel weak or loose, because the apple contains a lot of water, sugar and vitamins, and on the other hand they have low calories.This diet demands a strong will and self-discipline, and it’s the best for those who past their day sitting down.One apple contains 65 calories, and the organism needs 100 calories to digest it. That means that the body should use 35 calories from its own reserves. So, no matter how much you move, your body will lose weight.Before reading the food plan for these 3 “apple” days, our recommendation is not to buy only one sort of apples. Buy at least 3 or 4 sorts because not all apples have the same structure, taste or smell, so this can be you easier way to deal with these 3 days.The menu for all 3 days is the same.


1 cup of coffee or tea ( brown sugar can be used)

1 grinded apple with little lemon ( little brown sugar by desire)


1 cup of rosehip tea or apple peel ( for faster body cleaning)


2 grinded apples mixed with 2 tea spoons of yogurt and little brown sugar

Drinks- mineral or regular water or rosehip tea


1 fresh apple ( with its peel)


2 hole or grinded apples ( with the peel)

When you feel hunger, drink as much fluids as you can. To the diet besides the rosehip tea you can add lemonade or green tea.Before starting the diet, supply yourself with dried apples which you can eat during the day in the amount of one apple.Eat as slower as possible.


If you have held these 3 days, we believe that you have noticed other changes beside the weight lost, as is the beautiful silky skin. Actually, the body has been free from numerous harmful ingredients; you have triggered the scope of materials, digestion and circulation.