To relieve pain, we often turn to the past. Even with all the scientific developments over the years we cannot throw away thousands of years of wisdom. The best treatments for many ailments come from the east. This article presents a remedy from the Japanese art Jean Shin Jyutsu. The treatment can balance emotions by stimulating a certain part of the hand.

How does it work?

The theory says that each finger and each part of it is linked to specific organs in the body. These organs control a specific emotion, so by pressing certain points on your fingers you will be able to control organs and emotions. For bladder issues, you press the middle finger around 1 inch from the bottom. A diagram of the hand and the specific hand spots made by Deborah Engisch-Platt can be found on Pinterest. Following it should help you deal with the pain and refresh your body. You must press the fingers for at least 3 minutes.

A guide to spots on different parts of the body


Organs: spleen, stomach organs

Emotions: anxiety, depression

Symptoms: nervousness, headache, stomach pain, skin problems

Index finger

Organs: bladder, kidney

Emotions: fear, confusion

Symptoms: digestive issues, toothache, back issues

Middle finger

Organs: liver, gallbladder

Emotions: irritability, anger

Symptoms: migraine, eyesight problems, poor blood circulation, fatigue, menstrual pain

Ring finger

Organs: colon, lungs

Emotions: negativity, sadness, grief

Symptoms: digestion issues, asthma, respiratory issues

Pressing the points on the fingers for three minutes will help you control emotions and issues related to that finger. There is no scientific data to back it up, but we know that certain body parts can affect each other and they produce hormones that control emotions. Besides, the technique has been around for thousands of years, so that probably has some merit.

You have nothing to lose other than three minutes of your free time. If it works – great! However, if you suffer from serious medical conditions consult with your doctor immediately. Alternative medicine should be used in addition to a proper medical treatment, not as a substitute.