Dental implants are one of the marvels of modern dentistry that have helped many people have a beautiful smile. However, the latest advances in dentistry go beyond classic implants and denture – these discoveries will allow you to grow genuine new teeth by yourself!

Dr. Jeremy Mao of the Columbia University led a research team which discovered something incredible. They have been able to grow new teeth from stem cells, which promises bright future for dental care.

Dental implants are very useful, but they are not without problems. They may get rejected by the body, cause infections, damage your gums and not connect with your jawbone in a good way, not to mention they cause a fortune. However, all of this can be put in the past if Dr. Mao’s discovery gets approved.

The team of scientists has grown new teeth from stem cells in only 9 weeks. These teeth can then replace missing teeth in your mouth in a completely natural way.

The stem cells are inserted in the missing tooth spot, and once the process begins, they merge with the surrounding tissue until a new tooth forms. However, the process is still in the early stages of development and is still pending approval by medical authorities. But, once approved, it will surely change everything in dentistry.