One of the most used plant in Hindu is Tulsi or Tulasi or Holy basil. It is a scared plant in Hindu belief and Hindus regard it as an earthy manifestation of the goddess Tulsi. This herb is used in India to treat colds, coughs and the flu. Regular consumption of this herb is considered to promote a sense of purity and lightness in the body. Holy basil cleans the respiratory tract of toxins and relieves bloating and digestive gas.

This plant is from the family basil, which can be found on every continent, but this specific holy basil can be found only in India. It grows as a bushy shrub that can reach 18 inches in height, its leaves are oval shaped and have serrated edges, and its colors are either light green or dark purple depending on where it is growing.


As a folk remedy, Tulsi is used to treat fever and common cold, cough and respiratory problems, kidney stones, heart disorders, headaches, constipation, flatulence, cancer, pain, and insect bites. It can even assist with quitting smoking.

Results from scientific research

Due to the scientific research the benefits from the Tulsi are:

  1. Lowers the stress – is effective in patients with generalized anxiety disorder,reducing the disorder itself as well as the concomitant stress and depression.
  2. It normalizes blood sugar levels, recommended for diabetics (type II)
  3. Reduces the cholesterol levels.
  4. Protects the lungs from infection and colds.
  5. Protection from inflammation and arthritis.
  6. Tulsi Is Great For The Skin, Hair, and Nails Too!

Tulsi improves your skin, hair and nails

Tulsi is regularly used in beauty treatments. This extremely versatile herb has been long regarded as an amazing beauty treatment. It can treat skin issues such as eczema, acne, and pimples. You can apply it topically by making a paste with the leaves and water, or drink it in a tea or juice. Apparently it can also lighten scars and other marks. Rubbing finely powdered dry tulsi leaves into your skin can also help you achieve a healthy glow. Use it for your hair by applying tulsi oil to the scalp, roots, and strands, and you can do the same with a paste made from the leaves. This can also reduce dandruff and cure an itchy scalp.

For best benefits use organic Tulsi. You can easily find dried tulsi leaves or if possible use fresh tulsi. Tulsi is naturally caffeine free, but if you like you can certainly add some dried tulsi leaves to your black tea. You can also drink tulsi tea to get all its benefits.