Keeping in mind about the effects that oregano has on our body, we can freely say that it is the nature`s treasure. Starting from its fresh leafs all to the dried oregano, as well as the oil from this herb; it has benefits for the health of our body, skin and hair. Oregano oil, extracted from the leaves through the process of distillation, actually represents the concentrated form of oregano is enough to be used in small amounts to get big effects.

Treats skin infections

Antibacterial and antifungal effect that the oregano oil has makes it great means for curing the skin infections. You can apply it directly on the critical skin area, dissolving it first according the instructions on the label.

Heals the inflated sinuses

Several drops of oregano mixed with a drink (water, tea or juice) consumed every day, is an ideal way to get rid of the inflated sinuses. This is a safe and natural medicine which should get the result in 4-5 days.

Helps the digestive system

If you suffer from any kind of disruption in the digestive system and you are seeking for a safe way to help yourself, that the oregano oil is ideal for you. It calms down the disturbed stomach and helps the food digestion. For smaller problems, the best result will be achieved if you mix 2-3 drops of oregano oil in a warm cup of milk.

Ease up the breathing

Put several drops of oregano oil in boiling water and inhale it. You will notice relief in the breathing immediately.

Calms the inflammations of the throat and cold

3-4 drops of oregano oil in the juice or in a glass of milk will help you instantly demise the symptoms of the boring cold and inflamed throat.

Ease up the pain

Whether you have constant problems with muscle pain, you should make solution from several drops of oregano oil mixed with olive oil and rub the painful spots. Avoid the gentile parts.

Against insect bites

Carvacrol is a substance of the oregano oil that keeps the insects away preventing them from biting you.

For a healthy scalp

Applying several drops of oregano oil dissolved in other oil like olive, on the scalp protects the skin from drying and preventing the dandruff to appear.

Against acne

If you have problems with acnes, the oregano oil will help you clean the skin and get perfect look.