Carbonated soft drinks are a poison that destroys our bones and has a damaging effect on our health. The worst part is that children drink them all the time, which can have serious consequences later in their life!

Here’s how your body reacts to soft drinks over the course of an hour:

After 10 minutes

A cup of carbonated drink can contain up to 10 tablespoons of sugar, which accounts for more than 100% of the daily recommended dose. Phosphorus enters the body and improves the taste after 10 minutes.

After 20 minutes

Your glucose and insulin levels spike, leading to the conversion of sugar to fat in the liver.

After 40 minutes

The caffeine in the drink is now completely absorbed into your body. Your blood sugar levels and blood flow increase, while your brain starts blocking the adenosine receptors which in turn prevent fatigue.

After 45 minutes

The body secretes more dopamine, making you feel good. The effect has been compared to the effect of heroine.

After about 60 minutes

Your digestion is increased due to the presence of magnesium phosphoric acid, zinc and calcium. This is related to the big amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners which limit the excretion of calcium through the urine.

After an hour

The diuretic properties of caffeine are now in effect, making your body excrete magnesium, calcium and zinc through urine. The dissemination of sugar is in the final stage – you feel fullof energy and can expect mood changes. Along with the carbonated drink, the body exerts all water and nutrients needed for proper functioning, effectively increasing the risk of diabetes.