The first thing we notice on other people is the face. Therefore everyone wants to have clear and healthy skin. Many people suffer from blackheads, little pimples that when exposed to oxygen turn into brown black pimples called blackheads.

You can use scrubbing to remove them if they are soft, but when they are hard it is very difficult to eliminate.

Read here how you can make your own paste to remove the blackheads. All you need is:

  • salt
  • mint toothpaste
  • 2-3 ice cubes

Simple preparation requires: Mix 1 tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoons mint toothpaste. Make it a paste and apply on the face for 5 minutes. Water your hands and massage your face gently in circular motion. Wash your face and rub ice cubes on it. The ice cubes will help close the pores.

The antibacterial properties of the salt will help defoliate the skin.

The toothpaste and the mint inside will help clean the pores and kill the bacteria.

If your skin is dry you can use a moisturizer afterwards.

You must massage your face slowly, gently and in circular motion. This is very important.