Secret studies since the 1970s have revealed that a single plant can destroy cancer cells 10 000 times better than chemotherapy. The plant is called graviola or soursop, and has powerful immune boosting properties that will strengthen your organism and help it fight cancer.

The graviola fruit can destroy cancer cells without adverse side-effects and is considered a viable cancer cure. The fruit can be found in Mexico, Peru, Venezuelaand theCaribbeanas well as in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeastern Asia. It grows in warm and humid places and isn’t very large. Every part of the graviola can be used to treat numerous diseases.

The plant is mostly known for its ability to treat cancer. According to research, it can kill tumor cells, fight bacterial infections, lower blood pressure, cure asthma and help with depression, stress and nervous disorders. The plant can kill cancer cells specifically and doesn’t have any adverse side-effects. Graviola extract has been found as highly effective against 12 different cancer types.

The fruit will strengthen and protect your immune system, while preventing infections and improving your well-being.

Deceptions with graviola

Many companies have tried to patent graviola, but their plans have failed as you can’t patent natural ingredients. You also can’t produce a GMO plant like the graviola as the fruit doesn’t allow replication. If the plant goes popular worldwide, Big Pharma will lose big money from chemotherapy, which is why graviola is kept secret from the public.

Even though the health benefits of the plant are known since the 70s, nobody but a few doctors mention it. The last research worth to mention was conducted at the Catholic University in South Korea, and due to the pressure of pharmaceutical companies, further research is up in the air.