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Cristina Saimos and her 18 month son Cameron found themselves trapped in their home when the apartment building they were living in caught on fire. The fire caught the entrance of the building, so there was no possibility of getting out that way. Cristina grabbed her son in her arms and jumped out of the window with 10 meters high. She softened the babies fall with her body.

  • I knew we would die if we didn’t leave the apartment, she said for the ABC news. The jump resulted in multiple fractures and a serious damage to the pelvis. She nearly lost her life.
  • My life is nothing without his life. My son always comes first, she said explaining her decision to jump.

When they hit the ground, she couldn’t move. She broke her pelvis, and while being paralyzed she directed her baby to move away from the collapsing building, burning in flames, and later somehow she managed to get away from the flames.

She has had several surgeries by now, but unfortunately she still is paralyzed even though she started to move her fingers.