If you are tired of expensive treatments that don’t have long term effect, than it is time to start feeding with groceries that make your skin shine…

  1. Red peppers – contains big amounts of vitamin C, diet fibers, vitamin B6 and carotene, preventing wrinkles and helps the blood supply in our skin, making it young. They are with low calories and prevent acnes.
  2. Black chocolate – contains antioxidants, fat acid and flavanol making the skin shine. Antioxidants help reduce the irregularity in the skin and prevent sun freckles. Cocoa relaxes the arteries and helps the circulation, making your skin beautiful.
  3. Salmon – great food for preventing depression, anxiety and stress. Contains vitamin D, enhancing the brain functioning, the heart, colon and bones. Rich with omega 3 fat acid, good for preventing inflammations, wrinkles and acnes. High level of this acid hydrates the skin.
  4. Coconut oil – rich with saturated acid and lauric acid with antibacterial characteristics, protecting the skin from viruses, bacteria, inflammations and acne. Contain fat acid and vitamin E, keeping the moisture on your skin and no wrinkles.
  5. Green tea – famous for curable effect containing antioxidants, amino acid, L- thymine, influencing the relaxation and lowering the tension. Helps for high blood pressure too.
  6. Spinach – contain iron, chlorophyll, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin A and C, plant fibers and proteins.
  7. Seeds – seeds from hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, have favorable effect on your skin. Contain selenium, magnesium and proteins, preventing wrinkles and making your skin shine.
  8. Celery – rich with vitamin K, regulating blood pressure and lowering the body stress, affecting the skin condition.
  9. Carrot – contain high percent of vitamin A and prevents excessive cell production of the external skin layer.