We all know that our body is filled with toxins on daily basis. And we all have to purify our body from the toxins. There are many ways a person can eliminate toxins from detoxification with wheat grass and wheatgrass to other treatments. Wheat grass has the perfect sun energy with only 7.5 grams nutritional value like 175g celery, carrot or lettuce. It has been used since forever.

Many things can be done today to purify the system and the body.  Feeling tired, distractive, and other health problems can be resolved by wheat grass.

The signs you need to look out are:

  • indigestion
  • skin problems
  • Odor and unpleasant body odor
  • flatulence and gases
  • headaches
  • allergy
  • excessive weight gain or weight loss
  • Depression
  • constipation
  • fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory
  • premature aging

You may know the benefits from the wheat grass, but here they are again.

Wheat grass contains more than 100 necessary components for every person including enzymes, antioxidants and fatty acids.

Chlorophyll is found in about 70 % of wheat grass which is actually the most important element for the wheat. It helps the body to remove the heavy toxins from the system replacing them with necessary minerals, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B, B17, C,F,K,E, and A.

It helps the red blood cells, cleaning the blood and different organs, stimulating the digestion. The blood is filled with oxygen due to the chlorophyll supplement. It helps the liver to function properly removing any toxins. It also helps to stimulate the thyroid gland and lessens the acidity in the body.

Wheat grass black color with gray juice

You can slow down the growth of gray hair and restore the gray hair to its natural color with regular consuming wheat grass juice.

When she was 82 she didn’t have any gray hair!

This drink was promoted by dr Ann Wigmore. She studied the curing properties of wheat grass juice and how it helps the entire body. She made a juice that can help everybody.

Her hair wasn’t gray even at the age of 82. Students asked for her hair to examine it in the lab to see how it can`t turn gray. It was her natural color because of this juice.

It cleans the blood and aids in the revival and recovery of the skin cells.

The chlorophyll and amino acids, minerals and enzymes help the health in overall.

You need to start the day with 30 ml juice and increase the consumption to twice a day.

You can grow your wheat grass:

  1. Soak the seeds for 8-12 hours
  2. Place them in a glass jar, washing them three times a day during 24 hours.
  3. When the seeds firs emerge you can plant them.
  4. Pour the wheat and cover the jar for three days, while watering them in the morning and spraying them in the evening.
  5. You can open the jar on the fourth day.
  6. You need to keep it on a steady temperature 21C to 26C.
  7. After it grows for 20 cm you can cut it. Expose it to sun two days prior harvesting so that the sun can fill it with chlorophyll.
  8. You can replant new seeds.
  9. Place the wheat grass in a juicer or blender, add some water and have your juice.

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