When the little girl presented her idea to her parents both scientists- researchers in the field of oncology, they didn’t believe her. But later they decided to test her theory in the Royal Manchester laboratory. There the cancer research was conducted.

Usually during dinner at home the conversation is about how was your day at school?!, but in this family it was different.

The family Lisanti has a different dinner, especially after their 8 year old Camilla gave an answer. Her father asked her how she would cure cancer, and she gave him an answer he didn’t expect. She said antibiotics, like a sore throat!

The parents started researching based on this answer in the laboratory.

They found out that the little girl was right. The cheapest, most popular and widely used antibiotics can kill dangerous cancer cells. They can fight cancer cells like breast, prostate, lung, ovarian, pancreatic and brain tumors.

The doxycycline has the most success in treating cancer patients. It costs less than cytostatics.

The professor Lisanti found that the antibiotics can kill the mitochondria, a part of cancer cells that helps them to reproduce, and with this they can prevent the growth and the metastasis.
During dinner the Lisanti family usually talks about the research and cancer they are working on, so one evening they included their daughter and asked her about treating cancer. They said this in their interview for the journal Oncotarget signing their daughter Camilla as co-author.
They started researching on humans, and specifically those suffering from breast cancer. They based their research on their daughters answer and continued to raise money for the clinical trials.
It was already proven that the antibiotics can slow down the growth of breast cancer cells, prostate and brain tumors. Even patients suffering from lung cancer that had some infections were treated with antibiotics and they lived longer than predicted.
Camilla wants to become a teacher when she grows up, and is just a normal curious child. Her father now states that it is very important to actually listen to your children, even though it sometimes seems that their answers don’t make any sense.
At first he believed he was naïve to believe in the words of his 80year old daughter about the cure for cancer, but you never know what might turn out to be the right answer. She just gave him an answer that made sense.
The father Michael thinks that his daughter will become a diplomat or a lawyer when she grows up, because she can think fast and correct.