Jaljeera is an Indian summer drink which is packed with nutrition and flavours.

For weight loss

Consume this cumin water drink twice a day and suppress your appetite.

For Acidity

If you consumed a heavier meal, you need to sip from this water slowly to reduce the chance of stomach acid to appear.

Against constipation

If you have problems with constipation just consume this water twice a day and say goodbye to constipation.

For gas

If you have gas you need to sip this cumin water slowly until the stomach pain is removed.


If you have problems with nausea, especially if you are pregnant you can consume this summer beverage and remove the nausea feeling.

For dehydration

Consuming this summer drink keeps your body hydrated during the summer. It contains jeera ( a healthy spice) reducing the body heat.

For menstrual cramps

Every woman knows what I`m talking about. You can reduce the pain by sipping this cumin water until the pain is reduced.