By now, you’ve probably heard from someone or read an article about turmeric’s health benefits. But, how much curry can a person eat? Of course, the spice must be added to different dishes, so here are five ways to put this amazing spice in foods.

Mix it in your morning smoothie

You’re probably already adding chia seeds and wheat germ in your smoothies, so there’s no reason why curry should be excluded. Sprinkle a teaspoon in it along with some honey. This combination will boost your health, especially during fall and winter.

Bake it into banana or zucchini bread

Turmeric and cinnamon get along very well, and you can often put them in this bread. Just one teaspoon of turmeric will make your bread healthier, not to mention more exotic.

Add turmeric to chai latte or pumpkin spice latte

Adding turmeric to this kind of beverages is a great way to sneak healthy vibes in drinks overloaded with sugars. Add a teaspoon (or half a teaspoon) of turmeric and you will barely notice the change in taste, and yet your drink will be healthier. Experimenting with the volume added – someone likes a full teaspoon, someone likes just a half of it.