Getting pregnant when you’re not expecting that to happen can be shocking news for a couple, and this is often the case when they’re not using a condom. But, is there another way to avoid pregnancy besides a condom? Here are some methods which can help you avoid having a baby:

The calendar method

One of the safest methods for avoiding pregnancy is having sex on the first day of her period.

The withdrawal method

Also known as the pull and pray method, the method includes getting the penis out right before ejaculation in order to avoid pregnancy.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are not a popular method, but it is effective. They control a female fertility cycle in order to avoid pregnancy.

The effective copper T

A doctor may implant a device in your vagina which can be removed when you want to have babies.


Sterilization is a 100% guaranteed method for preventing pregnancy. However, it’s a permanent and irreversible procedure, so you should think before doing it.