Swollen ankles on the feet is a painful condition which can severely affect your mobility. Standing or walking for longer periods may cause abnormal fluid buildup in the ankles, feet and legs, especially for older people. But, don’t worry no more – we have simple tips which will help you reduce the swelling and pain!

Elevate your legs

Whenever you’re lying down, elevate your legs on a pillow at a level above your heart to prevent swelling.

Compression socks

Socks or stockings that apply gentle pressure on your ankles will help the blood move through your legs and prevent the swelling.

Monitor your salt intake

A diet rich in salt may increase the fluid buildup and cause swelling and pain.


Moving your legs will improve circulation and pump fluids from your legs. Whenever you’re sitting for hours, take a break and move for a couple of minutes.

Drink water

Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated and flush out the excess salt from your body. This will prevent fluid buildup and reduce the pain. You can also try consuming ginger or berries in order to reduce the inflammation.