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Many habits that we aren`t aware of doing can cause belly fat and reducing these habits can result in reducing the belly fat size instantly.

The reason can be the trapped air in the digestive tract, too much drinks, the beef steak you keep eating and other insignificant habits you keep doing. You can remove the fat and the feeling of being bloated only if you try to remove some of the habits.

Eating Fast

When we don’t have the time we tend to do everything at double speed. Even eating.

Eating too fast causes swallow gas that is actually air in the digestive tract causing the belly increase. Besides getting belly fat you may also harm your body because the digestion is slower as well. The nutritionist from New York City Stephanie Middleberg from the Middleberg Nutrition states then when eating fast the chewing process isn’t thorough and it can lead to having bigger pieces in the gut waiting to be processed. With fast eating you can`t be sure of how much you have eaten and you may eat more than you should.

Always take time to eat.

Soda Addiction

The bubbles that we love actually cause the swelling in the stomach, according to Middleberg. It doesn’t matter if it is diet soda or regular soda the effects are the same and maybe even worse. The diet soda has artificial sweeteners that can`t be digested and they cause the stomach to swell.

Stop consuming soda or if you can`t at least reduce the intake. You can also use this solution, mix few ice cubes in it and wait for few minutes before consuming.

Packaged foods

Packaged foods contain sodium that in bigger amounts is not good for the health or the belly. The manufacturers use it to preserve the food and maintain its purpose. Especially when it comes to chips. The cereals, soups and salad dressings contain great amounts of sodium as well.

PhD, RD Janet Brill from Philadelphia states that it is always better not to eat packaged food because they usually contain sodium without you even tasting the salt.

The best thing to do about this is to always eat fresh fruits, grains, vegetables that are naturally low on sodium.

Eating close to bedtime

Usually dinner comes an hour or two prior going to bed. This is a good way to get the belly fat. The sleeping process slows the metabolism and the digestion process is way to slow to process the food you have just ingested.

The spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, RD Alyssa Rumsey, states that while sleeping the body has no ability to process the food fast. The sleeping takes less energy and the body is in the rest position.

It is always best to eat your dinner three or four hours before going to bed. Or you can have some fruit or yogurt after the meal you have eaten to process the food faster. Better to have a bigger breakfast instead of a bigger dinner.

The small food allergy as an excuse

The allergies are connected to the belly fat. Depending on the allergy the digestion can be slower or there could not be digestion at all. People with wheat allergy can`t digest gluten and they usually have the belly and bloating problem. The lactose intolerant people are feeling the same thing.

Find about your allergies, take tests, consult your doctor and once you know about them you can easily avoid them.