Do you want to be sure that your body only gets the best, than find out today why you should eat few olives.

Protect the blood cells and strengthen your immune system

Olives, especially the black ones are great source for antioxidants, acting as body cleaner from all the toxic materials. Olives help the body eject cholesterol, lowering the possibility of cardio- vascular diseases. Also, olive oil helps the immune system and it is perfect against allergies.

Help in losing weight

Olives contain fat, but only the good ones that our body needs. These fats don’t get stuck in the body cells but our body uses them in losing weight. Olives are the used in a meal or between meals because they protect you in the healthiest way possible.

Against pain and inflammations

Olives as well as unrefined olive oil contain strong antioxidants, but this tasty and salty ingredient lowers the risk of pain and acts as medicine for diminishing pain. Olives also contain ingredients like oleocantal – characteristic for its bitter taste, has strong anti inflammatory properties.

For healthy hair and skin

Olives, as well as the products made out of them- olive oil have an incredible influence on our body. They contain big amounts of unsaturated fat acids, like omega 3 that feeds, protect and hydrate the skin and hair. We can thank the vitamin E, protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. Olive oil softens the skin and hair providing it with moisture. Put olive oil on a wet hair or use it as hair mask.

For health of the digestive system

Olives are rich in fibers necessary for normal work of the digestive system, but vitamin E as well as s unsaturated fat clean the intestines from free radicals as well. One cup of black olives consist 17 % of daily need of fibers helping the food digest quickly and maximally.