Male athlete on floor clutching knee and hamstring in excrutiating pain on white background

Are you one of those people that suffer from sudden cramps in the muscles? If this pain wakes you up or prevents your daily routines, try these remedies. We offer you 3 natural medications for muscle pain.

  1. Food filled with calciumOne of the most common reasons for cramps in the muscles is the lack of calcium in the body. To balance the level of this mineral you need to eat food filled with this nutritious material, like bananas and potatoes.

    You can provide calcium if you regularly drink warm water with lone spoon apple vinegar and one spoon homemade honey.

    The most common reason for muscle cramps is the lack of calcium and magnesium as well as physical activity.

  2. Move around

    Lack of movement can lead to muscle cramps, more hours in sitting or lying in the same position.

    Don’t forget to have physical activity, and the simplest way is to seat in your office for long time instead of moving for 10 minutes every hour.

  3. Warm coatings

    When you get a cramp, press the middle of the painful spot for 15 seconds, relax the muscle, than repeat until it passes. You can always reach for warm coatings or warm bath that will relax your muscles.

    An extra advice:If nothing from this helps, you need to consult your doctor.