White teeth and Hollywood smile are everyman`s dream….

Specific food, sparkling drinks, coffee, tea and cigarettes are the main reason for getting yellow teeth, but there is food that will make your teeth shine.

Baking soda – put some baking soda on your tooth brush on top of the toothpaste. Slowly and detailed brush your teeth at least 2 minutes and rinse off with water. Then brush only with toothpaste. This procedure should be repeated twice a month.

Strawberry – a fruit that is used for care and whitening your teeth. It contains fruit acid as a natural means for teeth whitening. Squash the strawberry, put it on the toothbrush and brush your teeth, than brush them again only with toothpaste.

Banana – with the inside side of the banana peel massage your teeth and gums for 2 minutes and then wash your teeth with toothpaste. You will see a difference very soon, the ingredients from the peel removes the tooth impurity, caused by food and drink.