The stubborn fat deposits located on the thighs, belly and buttocks is a nightmare for any woman. Cellulite doesn’t depend on age and is the toughest issue that you can face.

The best toned bodies belong to the Brazilian women – just look at the Rio carnival and you will surely agree. This article presents a Brazilian secret that can easily and quickly remove your cellulite! This secret method has been used by numerous dermatologists, who charge a fortune for their treatments while they are using the natural recipe that you can see below! The secret is in using caffeinated coffee!

The caffeine helps reduce the edema around the fat deposits and makes the tissues smooth and elastic. Using coffee as a cellulite treatment can provide amazing results in just a few weeks! The coffee scrub offers other health benefits too:


As you know, coffee contains caffeine, a natural antioxidant that is very beneficial. Applying the coffee scrub on your skin allows the antioxidant to enter the body and prevent premature aging. Antioxidants are known as cancer-fighting molecules that can eliminate free radicals in the body, which damage the inner layers of skin and cause premature aging as well as age spots. Antioxidants will also prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Beauty regimens must include exfoliation treatments, and the coffee scrub is excellent for this. It will remove dirt and dead skin from the skin and make it look fresh, radiant and rejuvenated. After exfoliation, the skin will absorb moisture better.

Blood flow

Caffeine reduces the cellulite by improving the blood flow. This is why the coffee scrub is sometimes used for treatment of varicose veins. Applying it will improve your skin as well, and eliminate the toxins and fat deposits from it.

Skin texture

The caffeine acts as a vasodilator, constricting the blood vessels, which leads to enhanced skin complexion.


Coffee oil is frequently used in aromatherapy. The scent of coffee is a pleasant one, acting as an antidepressant and eliminating nausea. It can also clear a person’s mind.

Here’s how to prepare the amazing coffee scrub:

Caffeinated coffee scrub


A cup of ground coffee

A cup of sugar

A cup of olive oil


Blend all the ingredients on medium speed until you get a smooth texture. Transfer the mixture in a glass jar and close it tightly. Use the scrub 2-3 times a week by rubbing it on the affected area and rinsing it off afterwards.

How does it work?

The sugar in the recipe works as a scrub and an exfoliant and the olive oil will hydrate your skin and make it more vibrant, smooth and elastic. Try the scrub for yourself and you will be amazed at the results!