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The anti- aging elixir that can purify your body and help you fight various microbes is all natural. You can use two ingredients only honey and apple cider vinegar.

They are rich in potassium and can regulate the level of sodium in the blood to normalize the blood pressure. The pressure on the blood wall can be helped with the magnesium found in these two ingredients.

The recipe is simple:

1,5- 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1,5- 2 tablespoons meadow honey

a glass of warm water

The preparation is even easier:

All the ingredients should be put in warm water. Dissolve the honey and slowly consume it. The taste might be strange but over time you will get use to it.

Way of use:

Consume a glass or two a day. You can get many health benefits such as:

  • lowers the blood pressure
  • detoxification
  • stimulates the circulation
  • improves the digestion and the gut
  • strengthens the mucous membranes of the throat
  • prevents the hoarseness
  • slows down the aging
  • energizes and reduce the fatigue