We live in environments where toxins are unavoidable. Literally anything is polluted – from air, to water and food. The chemicals in our food, hormones in injections and the pollution are all toxins that negatively affect our body. These harmful mixtures also reach us by smoking, different products used daily, like cosmetic or cleaning products.

If the body is loaded with toxins, it could be damaged. You must cleanse the body of these toxins so they won’t cause serious issues.

Certain warning signs indicate that the body is in need of cleansing.

Constant fatigue

If you’re fatigued for a while that could mean that there’s excess toxins in your body. They are usually amassed in the digestive tract.

Body overheating

Toxins make your liver overworked, and it causes overheating in the body. This leads to sweating, which releases the toxins through our skin.

Constant headaches

Toxins can affect the nervous system in many ways. The nerve tissue can be oversensitive and cause those nagging, constant headaches.

Excess belly fat

The toxin build-up causes increased blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This leads to dependence on insulin, which increases the fat deposits in the belly.

Regular nasal congestion

The toxins in the air cause the regular nasal congestion.


Stress, negative thoughts cause toxins build-up in the body, which can lead to bloating.


Insomnia ensues when the toxins accumulate in the body, blocking the circulation.

Skin issues

Constant itching is a sign of toxins accumulation. If you unexpectedly get acne or rosacea breakout, it means there are excess toxins in the body and skin.

Yellow\white tongue

Due to toxins in our blood, your tongue may become yellow or white coated. This comes as a result of the fight against microbes – it means that there’s bacteria and mold growth.

Gallbladder issues

Toxins in the bile could spell gallbladder issues. The liver will start releasing thick bile in the gallbladder, which will cause clogging, and lead to gallstones.