Small everyday details may show if your partner cares for you as much as you do. They can show you what you don’t want to realize – that the love from before is no longer present.

These small details are crucial for a healthy relationship as they can determine if it works. Here are 10 signs that will show you if your partner loves you still!

No longer demonstrates love

If you notice that your partner has lost interest in you and he is trying to impress others, it’s probably time to split. Focus on yourself in this kind of situation and you’ll be fine.

Always thinking of something else

This is an easy sign to notice, but it’s unfortunately one of the last before a breakup. If your partner always has his mind elsewhere, you should know that it’s time to move on.

No conversation topics

If there’s nothing left for you to talk about, you are no longer interested in each other. It’s that simple.

They always blame you for everything

When the blaming for everything starts, it’s time to leave your partner and move on.

You no longer support each other

Supporting your partner is one of the most important things in a relationship, but if it stops, you should know that it’s over. It’s better to move on in this case – you deserve someone better.

Always has an excuse for not being home

If he\she are always away and prefer to be out than home, your partner probably doesn’t love you anymore and is seeking affection elsewhere.

You are no longer in his plans

If the dreams for your future have broken down and you’re not in your partner’s plans, you should end the relationship immediately.

He’s disrespectful towards you

If your partner forgot all the beautiful moments you had in the past and only remembers the bad things, it’s better to end it.

They don’t give you explanation

If your partner has stopped offering explanations for something they did, you simply don’t matter to them anymore.

You hate and hurt yourself

Not telling you everything, lying to you and maybe cheating hurts you and is a clear sign that you should get out of the unhealthy relationship.