The custard apple, a South American fruit can be juice or eaten raw. Here are 10 reasons why you should include it in your diet:

Good for the skin and hair: the custard apple is a great source of vitamin A, an antioxidant that makes the skin and hair shiny.

Healthy eyes: the vitamin A in this fruit is also protecting your cornea and retina of harmful radicals.

Helps with weight gain: if you have a problem gaining weight, and cannot add it whatever you eat, custard apple is the answer. It doesn’t contain refined sugars like processed foods.

Eases asthma: custard apples contain vitamin B6, known to reduce inflammation in the bronchial tube. Consuming the fruit regularly can reduce the chances of asthma attacks.

Lowers heart disease risk: this fruit contains high amounts of magnesium, which relaxes the cardiac muscles and so reduces the chances of heart disease.

Regulates blood pressure: the potassium in the custard apples helps the blood vessels relax.

Reduces cholesterol: custard apples contain niacin and fibers. One of them boosts the good cholesterol levels and the other flushes the bad one.

Prevents anemia: it is rich in iron and encourages red blood cell production to prevent anemia.

A great source of energy: the custard apple contains thiamine, which converts the food into energy and with that it improves your energy levels.

Strengthens the bones: the magnesium in custard apples helps activate the vitamin D in the body, which is vital for calcium absorption and bone health.